Awesome Things About Texas Agriculture

Awesome Things About Texas Agriculture

Fun on the farm

Did you know that agricultural activities in Texas account for a significant 19 percent of farm tourism and recreational revenue in the United States? The 19 percent translates into over 133 million dollars flowing from Texas, accounting for activities such as ranches, winemaking, hunting and more.

Value added is a growth enhancing business

It is for the fact that Texas farms add value to local farmer’s products such as cheese, jams, and wines. A record of more than 11,500 farms in Texas integrates value to the commodities they grow and produce.

Everyone requires a good mule


If you demand an efficient and healthy mule such as donkeys and mules, Texas can provide you with a wide selection of them since the nation accounts for nearly 21 percent of the entire country’s mule population.

Support too

A recent survey confirmed that Texas as more horses and ponies than any other state. Among the 64,000 farms present, it harbors more than 400,000 horses. The figure is much more substantial than horse states such as California, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.

Girl power

Women operate a significant number of farms in the nation. This is quite impressive considering that women look after more than 38,000 farms and ranches, which is comparatively much higher than the total amount of ranches or farms operated in over 28 states.

Age is not a factor

There is no legal requirement of a minimum amount of age the individual must obtain in order to look after a ranch or farm successfully. Instead, the general age of ranch owners is a minimum of 60. However, surveys indicate that over 45,000 farm owners are above the age of 75 while a minor 22,000 farm owners are merely above the age of 30.

Texas agriculture promotes diversity

This means that agriculture in Texas is not limited to any one crop. Instead, agriculture here encourages various kinds of fruits, vegetables, organic, conventional and rearing different types of farm animals.

Number one in different areas

Across the United States, Texas is renowned for being the leading cotton producing and cattle rearing state in the country. Apart from this, Texas is also number one in producing goats, sheep, llamas, and barn raised deer.

Texas ranches are filled with bull

Ranches or barns across all over Texas are filled with cows, calves, and bulls. The said cattle are worth significant dollars and play a vital role in the growth of the agricultural sector. The total number of Texas cattle is reported to be worth an estimate of 13 billion dollars.


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