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Farm Supplies, Trellises and General Engineers

Equipment designed and manufactured for rural
enterprises needs to be robust and reliable, and
often needs to operate in less than ideal
conditions. Our innovative Orchard and Vineyard
Trellising Products and design and development
of unique machines are up to date with industry

Our goal is to develop and provide the right tools
for the right job, technologically advanced and
soundly built for long-lasting durability to grow
your business.

At Triggs we endeavour to supply our customers
with the best product possible, professional
service and at the most reasonable prices for
Fencing Supplies, Wire Fencing, Vineyard Supplies, Metal Fabrication and Farm Contracting.
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Fencing Supplies, Wire Fencing, Vineyard Supplies, Metal Fabrication, Farm Contracting.
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Vineyard Brackets and Equipment
Bites In Under Pressure
Strong, long lasting
and stable
Cost effective
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Providing information and advice to our customers is an important factor for our business. Through personal experience and grower feedback we believe we can do this to a very high professional standard.

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Wetting Machine in action
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